Best Hand Car Wash In SunnyBank Hills

We offer the best hand car wash and detailing services so that your car gets the royal treatment it deserves.
Loyalty Program – Every 5th wash upgrade and every 10th wash FREE

Best Hand Car Wash In SunnyBank Hills

Based on your requirements and your car’s make, our car wash services are intricately customized. We use shampoos and polishes that can give the best results for your car leaving it all shiny and clean.

Express Wash

SEDAN $30 | S/W $35 | SUV/4WD $40

» Exterior Wash & Dry
» External Windows Cleaned
» Tyres Shined

Deluxe Wash

SEDAN $45 | S/W $50 | SUV/4WD $60

» Exterior Wash
» Interior Vacuum
» Dust & Wipe Dashboard, Windows

Premier Wash

Royal Wash

SEDAN $55 | S/W $65 | SUV/4WD $70

» Deluxe Wash plus
» Dashboard, Console, Door Jambs Clean and Interior Wiped
» Windows, Tyres and Mud Flaps Shined, Air Fresheners

Royal Hand Polish

SEDAN $85 | S/W $90 | SUV/4WD $100

» Deluxe Wash Plus
» Tar and Bugs Removal
» High Gloss Hand Polish

Mini Detail

SEDAN $120 | S/W $130 | SUV/4WD $140

» Clay Bar to Remove Roughness and Harmful Contaminants
» Bugs & Tar Removal & Mats Shampoo
» High Gloss Hand Polish, Plastic & Vinyl Dressed

Interior Detail

SEDAN $170 | S/W $180 | SUV/4WD $190

» Royal Wash Plus
» Shampoo Seats (for fabric seats), Carpet and Mats
» Leather Care – Seats & Trims Cleaned and Protected

Full Detail

SEDAN $250 | S/W $270 | SUV/4WD $290

» Complete Interior and Exterior Detail
» Includes High Protection Polish

Paint Protection

Price Based On The Condition Of Vehicle

Cut & Buff

From $199*

Selective Services

» Inside Armor All (doors and dashboard)
» Outside Armor All
» Tar Removal, Sand removal, Pet hair Removal from $30

*Extra charges apply for extremely dirty vehicles

Save on the cost

Shorter Wash Time

100% Handwash

Safety guaranteed

About Us

Royal Car Wash has been making its customers feel like royalty for years now!
With its ‘customer is king’ policy, Royal Car Wash has managed to earn the trust and loyalty of its customers over the years.
We deliver all our car wash and detailing services with precision and care ensuring your car goes back to looking all bright and shiny.
Trust us with all your car wash needs and we promise to deliver quality with every service that we offer!